Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I think it's too flat looking, but I like the bump and would like to add this bump to my walls. Is if possible to just add a bump to just a face?
Hey andrew!!!! I think I figured out what my files were doing that AO thing. So far, I've been testing if I create new materials and not use the one's that are already in my scene...it seems to be rendering! I think apparently each time I save my scene, it doesn't keep an image source that is nessary. So when it renders the materials don't show up, just the AO. I'll be doing more render tests and camera angles....

Camera angle for the opening shot
This is the camera angle that I want to use for the main scene.

Test rendering the material for the doornob


  1. uuuuhhhhh!!!! looove your swirls! and your renders are the best!!! Gz! ^^

  2. That sounds very likely as a reason why the AO was all you got.

    now, things to fix-

    1- I agree the rug looks a little flat. You should use a displacement map to beef it up. Get Victor to show you the displacement map on his rug, and use something similar to that. You need displacement rather than bump to make it work since bump will not effect the silhouette.

    2- the door, I think you need a little more "space" on the door as a "Frame" before you get to the area where you applied the bump. In other words, make the area of the door that has the bump, smaller. The texture just looks crowded.

    3- I think your door is bumping the wrong way. Those grooves appear to be bumping outward.

    4-in room27_03 where we see the closeup of the silverware, that back wall is so dark and plain. Accent that shot with a light blue grazing spotlight or directional light along the wall. This shot is in desperate need of Depth of Field as well. Set up your depth of field on the camera (also that week 4 notes page that i listed on transfer UVs) so that the spoons are out of focus, and we just look towards the door as in focus.

    5-the big square on the wall (sky????) to the right of the door is distracting. You need a different solution for there. It too heavily offsets your composition.

    6-I like the long shape of the rug, but I'm not sure having it as a "runner" is what you want. I think a long rug in the middle of the floor, wider, less long would be better. AS it is now, it acts as a dividing line in the room, cutting foreground from background. Alternately, by making the rug darker (no white) it might sit more in the space rather than pop out from it.

    Please post updates based on these comments by monday at the latest, so I can approve before you edit into your animatic.