Thursday, April 30, 2009

OoOOO table

I actually had to redo all of my blendshapes over again!!! Thanks Papi for noticing and letting me know before I actually did all of my blend shapes!!!!! But I'm thinking that I should be exaggerating his facial expressions so I'm still going to be working on that.
Does this look right?

EwWwwwWw!!!! Now THIS is SCARY!!!!!! Eyeball test...still gotta put in the eyelids.

This causing me to much headaches!!!!

Here are some different tests. Thanks Andrea!!!!

OooO I'm thinking of doing this to my monkey (^.^)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Temporary Clothing

Yes! Lenny has an ear (^.^)

Here's some temporary clothing until I start UVing

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009


Any opinions?


Would it be easier for me to animate my character if I actually seperate the clothing from the body?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

StiLL a WoRk iN pRoGrEsS...

I'm not so sure if that slit in the pants is working....but I'm still having a SLOW process with the head. How does the body look?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm working on my room also, but I'm not sure if the table is matching with the rest? I'm still going to smoothin everything out. But I thought I'd ask before I do.

AsSeT LiSt

Yay!!! My monkey is evolving once again!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AsSeSt LiSt

QUESTION: Andrea, how do you get your characters so shinny in your renders? Are you just using a blinn in Maya? Do you add passes or different lights?

After discussing our story ideas with Jeff Paul and discussing our assest lists with Andrew I've decided to take their expert advice and discard the beginning scene of the exterior street. Although....after another group discussion about our stories I really like Andrea's idea about having the image of Japan and a flight trail flying over to the US and that's how the package arrives. I need to do those sketches now. I'm still working on my monkey character but plan to finish him by week 4.

Main characters:

Trash Can
Bowl of food....(I'm debating how to design this. By texture? or by actually modeling?)
chopsticks box (I have to finish with my monkey character before I can finish my inlay of the chopsticks box. Or I was thinking....should I just have a simple box? The box will glow as an effect later. Hmmmm....)

Week 2:
Finish modeling my Lenny character and begin the rigging process on him. While I'm rigging him I'll be modeling my monkey character and playing with some materials. I'm thinking that I'll do the watercolor effect in photoshop and probably play around with many passes in After Effects.

Week 3:
Model my monkey character and work on the rig to Lenny.

Week 4:
Start rigging my monkey character

Week 5: RIGGING and modeling the rooms parts. Play around with the openning scene and how I want to animate the dotted lines going from Japan to its destination.

Week 6: Play around with the lighting and what type of watercolor effect I want to achieve.


Week 8: Have both character at least 90% done.


Week 10: Play around with render passes to finalize what type of effect and style I want.

Week 11: Have my characters finished and decide on my texturing and layouts.


I still need to work on the head but I'm thinking about how to created the pants fold. But I want to maintain this cartoony look.

Starting my Lenny Character

CoNcEpT SkEtChEs

I've changed my monkey character design and thought it matched more with the background and my main character.

When I first started modeling my Lenny Character, I came across an issue with importing the image where I could only adjust the opacity in one view. So what I did was I imported an image plane into the front and side views. There I could adjust the Alpha Gain, then in the perspective window I created an image plane and attached my drawing sketches as a material and that way I could adjust the opacity on the plane. Man, that took me a few days to figure out.

Facial Studies
Room Sketches