Monday, August 10, 2009

camera angles

Up close shot. Just need to add Lenny!
Much better on the bump....

Some lighting tests....
Hey Andrew, I think you're right because I've been trying to render this front view again with the glass and just the glass isn't fully rendering. I've been working the rendering the glass in small square pieces.

This is the outdoor shot. Although I still have yet to add in the flowers and sign on the wall is still a mockup.
Okay....again with the rendering issues....I've been trying to render with my characters in the scene....and it keeps just going half-way and then it stops...also, is just starts to render the AO pass again. So there's HALF of the scene and sometimes just half of the AO pass. I have NO idea what is going on. It only started when I brought my characters into the scene!!!!
This is just to test the flower vase and the outside picture.

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