Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey Andrew,
So I've imported all the OBJ files again but the scene won't allow me to save it as an MA file. It saves it but only as MB files. Will this be a problem?
Also, I've tried playing around with a previous file but in MB format, and so far it seems to be working okay. After I tried to optimize the scene I noticed that the AO wasn't working anymore and there were a whole bunch more of errors. Could I continue with my previous file? I still can't save it as an MA file though....


New materials on the handles and...a much better looking sky light!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MoRe 2 rOoM and bLeNdShApEs!!

Oh yes!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANDREW!!!! You're AMAZING. I have yet to change the cabinet handles and play around with more of the colors. Oh, and after adding in the celing window....to me it looks like a barn. Hmmm....

So I've model a tons more things for the room and Lenny and his blendshapes. There are some weird looking ones, but when I've attached them, they look okay....hmmm...Andrew, could I show it to you in class?
I remodeled the room because I thought that the older table and chair didn't match the scene anymore. I feel this has a more cohesive feel. I want to re-texture everything now so that they all fit together. It's sadly...still a work in progress! But it's getting there :D OoOOOh and I want to FINALIZE the lighting...at long last....