Thursday, April 16, 2009

StiLL a WoRk iN pRoGrEsS...

I'm not so sure if that slit in the pants is working....but I'm still having a SLOW process with the head. How does the body look?


  1. the top of the shoes is too angular, as is the cut in the wrist. With the hands, rotate them forward instead of facing backward.

    the cuts in the pants are too symmetrical in location

    the eyebrow ridge is too pronounced on the face.

    from the back, the cuff of the pants is too far away from the middle of the body, it doesnt look like the shoes are in the right place underneath them.

    from the side view, make the hole for the armpit area of the overalls round along the bottom.

  2. Thanks Andrew! I'll get right on it.