Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MoRe 2 rOoM and bLeNdShApEs!!

Oh yes!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANDREW!!!! You're AMAZING. I have yet to change the cabinet handles and play around with more of the colors. Oh, and after adding in the celing window....to me it looks like a barn. Hmmm....

So I've model a tons more things for the room and Lenny and his blendshapes. There are some weird looking ones, but when I've attached them, they look okay....hmmm...Andrew, could I show it to you in class?
I remodeled the room because I thought that the older table and chair didn't match the scene anymore. I feel this has a more cohesive feel. I want to re-texture everything now so that they all fit together. It's sadly...still a work in progress! But it's getting there :D OoOOOh and I want to FINALIZE the lighting...at long last....

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