Thursday, May 7, 2009


First Issue: Val suggested that my Lenny character should change because it would be really difficult to animate his big feet and that he possibly looks too young. Now, I'm considering altering him once again. Although I like his "cuteness"... but then again I'm thinking of keeping him the same. Any ideas?
Okay for some reason, the side view wouldn't let me change the background color....But I'm still working on the monkey...I was wondering if the back is working out. The hunch-ed ness?

Yay! Irene introduced me to the full body IK, which I'm going to use for Lenny when the chopsticks are controlling him!!!

1 comment:

  1. the forms in the ear look too crisp.
    the eyebrows shouldn't intersect
    the hunching on the back should be straightened a bit more
    round out the pouch around the mouth more too (from the side profile)